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Through nearly 40 years of sports broadcasting, Jim Jackson has learned many lessons that he tries to impart on his students though his comprehensive broadcast coaching program.  It consists of three one-hour, one-on-one zoom sessions and he tailor makes the sessions to address the students’ particular broadcasting goals.  He’s worked with men and women from ages 12 through 59 with interests in play-by-play, analysis, sideline reporting, studio anchoring/reporting, talk show hosting, podcasting, etc.  No role in sports broadcasting is off limits.  Furthermore, Jim makes himself available to all of his students as a mentor for as long as they want after completion of their sessions.


Here are some topics that are likely to be addressed in the sessions:

1)         Fundamentals to Success

2)         Broadcast Preparation

3)         Broadcast Techniques

4)         Interviewing Fundamentals

5)         Working with a Broadcast Partner or Cohost

6)         Career Development Through Networking

7)         Exploring Career Paths/Finding Your Niche

8)         If Applicable, Demo Reviews and Critiques

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Jim by email through this site.  He would love to try and help your sports broadcasting dreams come true!

Individual program

(3 sessions) for college students and professionals

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Individual program

(3 sessions) for youth –

ages 10-18

Jim Jackson Broadcasting Logo

Individual program

(1 session) for returning students of all ages

Jim Jackson Broadcasting Logo

Most important, Jim tries to become an ally for any of his students as they pursue a job in the wild, crazy, and yet rewarding world of sports broadcasting. Here are some testimonials from those who have already participated:

Andrew Nogowski

“Jim’s broadcasting school helped me greatly. Jim has taught me a great deal of skills that could help get me future employment in the sports media world. I would advise anyone that wants to enter the sports broadcasting/media world to take Jim’s broadcasting classes. His classes will give you the head start you need in order to become the best broadcaster you can be!"



“Coaching sessions with Jim were a great start for me. I had a hesitation about signing up because of my lack of prior experience but Jim tailored sessions to make sure I learned as much as anyone else, he genuinely wants to help his students succeed. These sessions helped me develop the confidence to take those next steps toward a career covering professional sports.”



“Jim Jackson is a legend when you think of Philadelphia sports, especially the Flyers. I’ve been doing my own Flyers podcast for a couple years now and wanted to take it to the next level. Taking Jim’s sports broadcasting class really helped me achieve that. His tips have already almost doubled the listenership! Jim is a great guy and really makes the classes feel like a conversation. He’s invested in making you a better broadcaster. I highly recommend Jim’s classes to anyone who is considering. “



“I would recommend Jim Jackson’s Broadcasting Coaching program to anyone with an interest in sports media at any level. All three instructional sessions were filled with incredible tips, tricks and practices coming straight from an extremely experienced broadcaster and a great guy too. It was evident at the outset that working with Jim would not only be helpful because of his great advice, but also because of the way Jim operates the sessions. Always listening, encouraging of questions and showing a genuine curiosity in my story and hopes, Jim made sure that our time together was a conversation. I really appreciated that. Especially in uncertain times like these, learning from Jim’s experiences and having his encouragement was more than welcomed.”



“This mentorship is an opportunity like no other. Jim not only illuminates a broadcast logic that is insightful and authentic, but he is a true product of what he preaches in that he provides the keys to climbing the ladder towards a successful career.”

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